Seattle Area's Finest Studio Musician's have banded together to provide a musical combo that can play any venue or genre.  "The Mixx" defy description.  Their music is all over the map from traditional Blues, to Country, to Funk, to blistering Rock songs all the way from the 50's to current Top 40, and the vocal work on Ballads is outstanding. They will get you up dancing and keep you there.  But what sets them apart from most groups is the outstanding vocal work and stage presence they deliver.  The groups outstanding performers consist of:

Rob Moitoza (Singer Songwriter, Recording Artist, Producer Arranger, Bass, Vocals, Harmonica) 

Jack Ballard (Singer Songwriter, Recording Artist, Lead Guitarist, Bass, Vocals, Harmonica)

Doug McGrew (Percussionist, Drums, Recording artist, Vocals)

Steve Curtis (Singer Songwriter, Recording Artist, Guitar, Bass, Vocals)

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The Mixx will not just play to you, they will entertain and work an audience like no other group, guaranteeing everyone will have an event to remember!

Steve Curtis & "The Mixx"

     Live Dance Music For All Occasions       

 Blues, Rock, Country, Swing

The Mixx
P.O. Box 7265
Covington, WA 98042


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